Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Couple take off-season job at isolated Montana hotel


Heeere's Johnny!'
Nope. It's actually David and Rebecca Wilson.
The Wilsons have been living together at the Many Glacier Hotel in Montana since October and taking care of the property during its off-season.

Although they don't have a son named Danny, the Wilsons are aware some are comparing their situation to that of Jack and Wendy Torrance in Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
Many Glacier, which is located on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests each summer before it closes down for the year in September.
Now the vacation hotspot has only two visitors: Rebecca and David.

An employee of the hotel since 2008, David does maintenance work on the 76-acre, 100-year-old property.

This is the first winter he or Rebecca have stayed at the hotel to watch over it until things thaw out in the spring.

They will be battling snow, rain, wind, and occasional four-legged houseguests until April.
The Wilsons have seen fewer than ten people during their stay at Many Glacier and so isolated the only emergency vehicle that would be able to reach them is a snowplow, Yahoo Travel reported.

In order to keep their friends, loved ones and past guests in the loop about what has been happening at the Swiss-alpine style hotel, David and Rebecca post updates on their A Winter At Many Glacier blog.

They use the blog to post pictures, weather updates and information about the 'day to day life of the caretaker at the very remote Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park'.


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