Friday, 13 February 2015

Meet Entrepreneur of the week: Sibusiso Ngwenya – SkinnySbuSocks

I have come to know sbu in the past couple of months, not only as an outstanding entrepreneur but as a brother.

I remember my first conversation with him was when I made an inquiry to purchase his famous ‘happy socks’ and his response was that of a brother talking to another brother, I felt as if I was not just one of his clients, but that of someone I’ve known for years.

His customer service is incredible,no wonder he has been able to achieve all he has achieved in his entrepreneurial pursuits, I came across his story on the net and I thought I shared it with you.
When you are 1.9m tall you will have trouble finding pants that fit you properly without exposing your socks. And that is the same problem Sibusiso Ngwenya had with his pants.
From growing in a three room shack with his mother and grandmother to owning one of South Africa’s upcoming premium brands.

Sibusiso Ngwenya has come a long way. The history of his brand goes back to the days where he would be forced by his mother to wash his socks inside out and that combined with his height issues forced him to develop a sense of attention when it came to what he was wearing.
This obsession with attention to detail and his tall height is what led him to owning over 70 pairs of socks way before the birth of the skinny sbu socks brand.

For Sibusiso Ngwenya the move from a sock collector to a sock brand was a business transition but he did so without losing the love and passion for socks.
 At one of the Hook Up Dinner events Skinny Sbu caught the attention of CNN International who were in the country to document the Hook up Dinner. They featured the brand on their “African start up” program. From then things have never been the same .

The Skinny sbu socks brand changed identity of just being a sock merchant to a premium sock brand with own production capabilities to manufacture the socks locally.  The brand has been featured on other Media platforms like ANN7, CCTV and local radio stations.

The brand name skinny sbu socks came as a way for Sibusiso Ngwenya to separate himself from other sibusiso’s in the country with the most famous being Sibusiso Leope. So he looked at his physical attributes and the fusions made an appealing combination and the skinny sbu socks brand name was born.

To find more about sbu, follow him on social media :

Whatsapp: +27848695620

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